The School Certificate in Data Protection

Designed in consultation with the UK data protection regulator, The Information Commissioner's Office, this course helps you comply with two legal requirements: firstly, to ensure that all staff that handle personal data are reliable and secondly, the requirement to take organisational steps to keep personal data secure.

Why does my school need this training?
The Data Protection Act requires schools to take reasonable steps to ensure the reliability of all staff handling personal data and to keep that data secure. Proper staff training helps you meet this legal obligation.
Data security breaches happen even to the most diligent of schools but if your school suffers a data loss incident such as a laptop theft which is investigated, the UK regulator, the Information Commissioner's Office will take into account the fact that your school has received this training when deciding what action to take. Non - compliance can lead to intervention by the regulator, enforcement proceedings, adverse publicity, criminal fines and claims for compensation.

Why Choose us?
We are the only provider of the School Certificate in Data Protection. However, because the course has been designed in consultation with the UK regulator, the Information Commissioner and because we are a law firm, you can be confident that you are receiving the very best training available. We've also trained and advised over 500 schools and academies so understand the unique data protection issues facing your sector.

Who Should Attend?
Any member of staff that handles either pupil or staff personal data. This would include all teaching and support staff, Governors, secretaries, bursars, teaching assistants and School Business Managers.

How Long does the training Last?
Just 2 hours. That's minimal staff "downtime". Twilight, daytime and multiple sessions are available.

Where is the Training Held?
At your school or other venue of your choice. Your staff don't waste time or school budget travelling to us, we come to you.

What is the Cost?
From 795 plus Vat for a session for up to 35 members of staff. 995 plus Vat for a session for 65 staff. If you have over 65 staff please call us as our flexibility usually can produce a solution for you. We can also accomodate double sessions eg. morning and afternoon. The cost includes all staff documentation, the school certificate and trainer's travelling costs of up to an 80 mile round trip. We welcome applications from school federations and clusters etc. Full Terms and Conditions can be read on our booking form.

What will staff learn?
By the end of the session your staff will understand:

- The school's basic legal obligations under the Data Protection Act
- Privacy Notices, use of personal data on websites, pupil photos, and pupil biometrics
- How to deal with "difficult" data protection requests from parents
- How to lawfully use personal data on websites, pupil photos, and pupil biometrics
- How to handle a request for access to personal data by a pupil, parent or third person
- The legal steps to keep data safe and secure
- The latest government recommendations relating to data security, working from home, encryption and recommended back up solutions
- How to handle a data security incident such as a laptop theft including managing the media and whether and how to report the loss to parents, the LEA, The Information Commissioner and Audit.

How do I book or get more information?
If you would like to talk to us about the School Certificate in Data Protection please call us on 01386 793632 or email us at moc.ecitcarpwalnoitamrofnieht@gniniart

Media enquiries: T. 01386 793632

How to Book

If you prefer, you can telephone us to discuss your suggested training dates first and to find which of our trainers is available.

01386 793632

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